Xiaomi Mi5 Bend Test – Scratch test – Burn test – Durability test

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Xiaomi is one of the biggest smart phone manufacturers in the world! But… do they design a solid phone? They are well known for their high end components, but low prices. After watching this video, you’ll understand a bit more about how they keep their prices so low.

During this video I will scratch the phone with different picks. Each pick has a different material on the tip, that will allow us to find out where the screen falls on Mohs Scale of Hardness. Since this phone has Gorilla Glass 4… it should be predictable on this device.

I will also burn the screen, and finally do the bend test. Which is the ultimate test of durability. Stepping on your phone… sitting on your phone… Keeping your phone in your pants pocket… all of those actions can put stress on your phone causing it to bend or break.

IF Xiaomi wants to send me a Mi5 Pro to test, I will happily do so, (unbiased.) but I probably wont buy another one. I always fund my own videos, and this hobby is…

48 Comments on Xiaomi Mi5 Bend Test – Scratch test – Burn test – Durability test

  1. So, in regards to the "low quality alloy" they used, you had it analysed by some lab? like, rather than just a comment you pulled out of your asshole … Or maybe, it just snapped on that centre point because it's super thin, and there's an obvious stress riser in the centre… Another thing that makes me at least wonder, the scratches along the screen, right at the midpoint. Gorilla glass is known to lose strength when it's surface is damaged, you might be wise to do smaller scratches off to the side of the device in future to avoid this playing a part in the future.

    All that said, I'm glad I got a mi4c with a plastic back. IMO, plastic beats metal and glass as far as smartphone materials go…

  2. Come on … in what kind of scenario is a phone being bend like that and survives without any damage? Ridiculous … people who complain about that must think that airplanes are build so sturdy its always surpirsing that they actually brake when they crash….

  3. £200 cheaper phone top specs…..wait….. if it sounds to be good to be true it probably is 😉 name and shame hidden cheap parts….nice videos 😉 i like how most 100% of the time aluminium phones get classed as premium……

  4. I have a Huawei G700 for 2.5 years now and I'm looking for an upgrade. Do you think you could break it as easily as this one or is this Xiaomi Mi5 really THAT bad? Do you have any alternatives?

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