Xiaomi Mi4 Review

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You asked for the Xiaomi Mi4, and now Josh has his review for you all.

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36 Comments on Xiaomi Mi4 Review

  1. guys..plz dont buy ths phone…….i hav mi4 64 gb ….bought online…after 6-8 months this phone has started showing its true colour…hang, automatically get off….all technical support i applied but no fruitful result i got. now ultimately i belived that why made in china is not trusted by ppl. For me now this xiomi fone is not more then a matchbox.

  2. Love my xiaomi mi3 but after 3years it time to say good buy, even though I dropped it 4 times on concrete no cracked screen, but now has developed a problem with the battery charge point. Considering I use the phone almost all the time at work to watch movies the battery has done well. I just ordered the mi4 hopefully it will last as long….

  3. Really good phone
    Such smooth and handy and claasy phone
    If u want any phone buy xiaomi if u want smoothness and class ib using the phone and if u want a phpne that is classy in outside appearencre take asus

  4. How long does Xiaomi update their products? Never had one and I'm thinking about changing my 1st gen Moto X, been loving MIUI on my old, first Galaxy S and thought about trying it on something "Native"(or just flash Cyano if I don't like it but I'm sure I will, I loved that!). I mean will it have MIUI 7 and updates or I'd be buying a dead phone, given that I'm not changing in at least a month anyway?

  5. I have Huawei P7 now and paid 250 Euro for that. More than worth if you ask me. Previously I had Samsung S2, but honestly that device was overrated and not worth the money. Never going back to Samsung. Iphone too overrated and expensive too. Never considered a single moment in my life to buy that US shit. Xiaomi, Huawei and maybe on the long term Oneplus and OPPO are gone to breakthrough in this market. Cheap phones are definitely rule the world. For me it is now easily to switch my phone every year. My next phone will be definitely Xiaomi. Like their style and the power of this device is amazingly incredible.

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