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The Xiaomi Mi 5 – a high quality phone for an ultra-low price. The Mi 5 is the best Chinese smartphone out there, ranking right up there next to the Huawei-made Nexus 6P. It’s just too bad you can’t buy one if you live in the U.S. For the time being, it’s only available in China.

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12 Comments on Xiaomi Mi 5 is the Best Chinese Smartphone | Plugged In

  1. lemme tell about people saying all phones are made in china and all . First of it is true all phones are made in china bt not all phone company are from china eg.apple,motorola,infocus etc. they are American companies these companies just manufacture their product in china this doesnt mean its a chinese phone . Mi is purely a chinese phone as it is manufactured and the owners of the company is also chinese and the headquarterd itself is also in china . So thats why mi 5 is called best chinese phone!

  2. Isn't the best Chinese phone the iPhone? On a serious note; The Nexus 6P would blow this device out of the water and is only a few bucks more. Not only that, but the Nexus 5X is only $249.99 right now!

  3. we don't call iPhone, an american smartphone. Stop regionalising phones based on where they come from, all phones are made in China , just state that its made in china. Would save this awesome product from not being negatively reviewed as people do take everything in mind when they wanna buy.

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