Xiaomi Mi 5 Camera Review!

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In this video let’s check out both the 16MP Rear and 4MP front facing cameras on the Xiaomi Mi 5.
Mi5 Full Review – https://youtu.be/GTgu50Us-TQ
Order a Xiaomi Mi5 from Merimobiles – http://bit.ly/1QRPrJs

The Xiaomi Mi5 sports a 5.15″ Full HD IPS LCD display that gives it a pixel density of 428PPI.

The Mi 5 is powered by the Snapdragon 820 chip.

This variant has 32GB of internal storage and no support for memory expansion via Micro SD.

The Mi 5 features a 16MP rear camera with OIS capable of shooting 4K video.

All this is powered by a non-user replaceable 3000 mAh battery.

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43 Comments on Xiaomi Mi 5 Camera Review!

  1. Hi Ash! I want to know about slow motion video recording!!!
    I have seen some quality degradation while using Slow mo record mode in Mi4.
    Is it the case with Mi5 as well or it is good?
    Please let me know!!!
    Thank you

  2. Thank you for this video, great review. Very detailed! Please continue your work! I look forward to the Xiaomi Mi 6. Unfortunately the 5 does not have my LTE Band 4(1700/2100)

  3. hello guys, does anybody know where i could successfully and safely buy Xioami devices on a proven online store that ships as far as Africa. please reply with the links if you know of any

  4. Biggest Crap of world Demanding Phone Xiaomi MI 5 – Left hand side Loud sneaker is missing in Phone
    After long wait, I bought MI 5 phone on first sell of India from official website of MI on 6th April 2016. I got my phone on 11th April 2016. I was super excited to use this phone because I love the specification of this phone. After using 2 days when I was clicking the photos that time I had seen miss behaviour of phone. All icon of camera mode setting in wrong direction and all clicked photos was rotated 180 degree automatically. After the investigation I found that auto rotate function was not working properly. Then I check with all applications in auto rotate mode, but rotation was not working. Also camera settings mode icon was dancing circular if I move phone. Then I registered complain to MI with screenshot and video but after 2 days I called them and then they replied me to do wipe user data with steps. I followed that step but they was also not cleared how to do that they send me wrong steps. I was listening music and suddenly I found that one of the loud speaker was not working properly. I checked many time. After that I visited service centre near located bapunagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They checked my phone and he said me with big smile " Sir, Speaker is missing that's why you are not able to find sound in left side speaker". I was shocked how it's possible. I can understand if speaker is not working properly but how they approved the quality test of my phone with one missing speaker. After spending 24999 rupees what I got, missing speaker, non functional rotate feature MI 5 phone. That means MI company reducing the price of phone with missing parts of phone and low quality man force and production team. This is a biggest crap of world demanding and famous phone MI 5. this is the secret of fastest growing company in mobile industry. Still I am thinking how they approved my phone in quality test with missing speaker. What are productions team, quality testing team doing. My suggestion to MI is please concentrate on work.

  5. Hi, man. Thank you for your work. But let me propose you to make some testings with manual settings, and NOT with generic camera application. Maybe you will need to install another camera application (like Cinema FV-5).
    Shoot some footage and check the file with MediaInfo utility.
    1) What is the framerate in UHD and HD? Is it capable to shoot 25fps?
    2) What is the maximum bitrate?
    3) Does it have any time limits whan shooting video (also in UHD and HD)?
    4) Does it keep video and audio synchronized properly?
    5) Is there any possibility to soften this hyper-contrast and over-saturation?

     That will be great technical professional review! Thank you, man.

  6. Very inaudible voice. (Loud but your voice needs improvement to be more understandable and clear.)
    All I hear is sufwoofers humming even after reducing the settings. Good video otherwise.

  7. Why does the 4 axis OIS suck more than my Nexus 5 2013 ? I have been trying to replace this phone but no worthy successor could be found at its price bracket.

  8. Hi Ash! great video!
    but here's something i didn't like
    1. The camera review was more of an Camera app walkthrough
    2. As this review is solely dedicated to the camera, you should've talked about the pictures more in detail and showed more samples
    3. You didn't leave the video department, but a lot more could've been covered like Slo-mo videos and various 4k/1080p samples in various lighting conditions.

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