World’s Thinnest Phone! (Oppo R5 Unboxing)

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Welcome to my Oppo R5 unboxing video. This device is unbelievably thin.

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44 Comments on World’s Thinnest Phone! (Oppo R5 Unboxing)

  1. Hello there Lewis, I'm Ryan from Malaysia. Can you do a video of unboxing the VIVO V3 MAX. Recently, i bought the phone and i totally love it. The Vivo company claimed that the phone's function are FAST in every single way. You can read it in Vivo's official website for more information about the Vivo V3 Max. Peace ?✌ FYI , I love your videos bro ?

  2. Tech Industry focus only on the thinness of the devices, the efficiency of the mobile OS, but not on the battery itself. There are some next gen battery techs around currently now, right?

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