World of Tanks (WoT) Become a Better Tanker Game Tips #1: Keep Shooting

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World of Tanks (WoT for short) video with tips and tricks to becoming a better tanker and player. In this episode, Keep Shooting, I cover a frequently forgotten or unknown tip to keep shooting! Watch this short video to find out more!

World of Tanks (WoT for short) is a free online multiplayer game made by You can play for free or buy different tanks, upgrades, etc. if you choose to. The game is a ton of fun and I highly recommend playing it. At least give it a try – it is free after all. Go to for the American website to download and play today.

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34 Comments on World of Tanks (WoT) Become a Better Tanker Game Tips #1: Keep Shooting

  1. i buy small repair tool & fire extinguisher since the new updates its easier to receive damage to any module or bursting into flames 😛 Ive also seen a few hackers like a TOG going 25kmph uh its max speed is 15 general drive is 13.

  2. I see your pro man! Camping in a heavy tank! Sick!!! Maybe you also shoult try using repair kits, or medic kits? A good player also use gold ammo in some situations, hope you are better now …

  3. Also figured that I would add (if it hasn't been said already) that if you can see where the target was clear enough, you can tell if your shells are hitting the tank (stopping) or missing if he moved (kicking up dirt).

  4. if you downloaded it it is not legal its a 3rd party mod. Use it till they tell you not to.
    If it is not available on the game by the game its a 3rd party mod.3rd party mods will soon be eliminated. Curse mods used to be used and now they dont work. They allow some mods and others they will ban you. I got banned just for mentioning a mod on WOTs. They have to address this because so many are hacks and some are attached to viruses.{Russian}

  5. This trick can apply even when he's not tracked too. You lose LOS, your cannon is still aimed, he wasn't moving… then you can get a shot off and many times a kill. Also, under the right circumstances you can do this even when they are moving. For example, on one map I was shooting at a guy on a road with cliffs on both side (one up one down), he was retreating back up the road when I lose LOS, I just took his speed and the incline into consideration and guessed his position, took a shot, and finished him off.

  6. I want a TIGER P but I have the 360 Edition which is doing a GREAT JOB with it's Tank Tree Expansion and overall Gameplay, feels a lot better playing with a Controller in your Hand then what? W,D,A,S?

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