Working IOS 9.3.2 jailbreak!!! (Made by me)

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17 Comments on Working IOS 9.3.2 jailbreak!!! (Made by me)

  1. The difference between Official Cydia and Fake Cydia is the Official shows the loading when opening up Cydia and it will fully function. The Fake Cydia is just a image to make you fooled by some prick kid

  2. Yo bud I can give you a massive shout out if you make the kernal file public or send me a email with the file. Cause I'm a modding team we do all sorts of stuff including consoles and phones we have been trying this for a very long time and cannot get the file. If you don't mind sending me a email with the kernal file that would be great my email is
    Let me know if you wanna join our team!!

  3. Hey bro I think you should release it if you want you can gain fans and possibly go world wide people love jail breaking and not many people know how to create one but you made one you did somthing amazingly good release it to show how proud you are. By Lennon I've Ben subed to you ever since you had 6 remember bro??

  4. **PLEASE READ**.
    Hey Bro please release it, I understand that you do not like all the ignorant people that say it's fake or ur a ass hole, Fuck them, honestly if you realize the whole iPhone has waited for months for a jailbreak, if you release it u will earn tons of fans and recognition by bigger youtubers, I got nothing but love and respect for you but I would really like it if you would release this man!

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