WORK WIDE stories with BlackBerry Passport

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While smartphones have provided professionals the ability to conduct business when mobile, many tasks are a challenge on the narrow all touch screens that we’ve become used to. With BlackBerry® Passport, we set out to create a smartphone that would break through the sea of all-touch devices and deliver a step-change in productivity. BlackBerry Passport shows there is a better, wider way to accomplish more. To work wide.

29 Comments on WORK WIDE stories with BlackBerry Passport

  1. I travel a lot in my line of work. After doing my reports, emails, etc. I like to watch a movie on Netflix. Is that app available on the passport? What about Skype? Thanks!

  2. Hello, even though Blackberry Passport is now a slightly dated phone, I'm still thinking of the possibility of having it. And I'd like to know how it handles open apps. Meaning, do those open apps keep running in the background and drain your battery while you are doing something else? Do the open ones slow down the device when they are running in the background? Many thanks, Kal

  3. one word about square screen : stupid. 

    look closely at the video : #1. video calling : u can just turn it into landscape mode you dumb ass.. #2. talking about 3D car modelling, it was showing how amazing blackberry for (just) capturing car model and share it on sosmed! f*** i can do that on iphone 3Gs!!! #3 doctor who show a picture of rentgen stuffs. again, a PICTURE, not a software.. u wanna compete with Apple IOS health kid.

    Hhhh… u better dreaming blackberry…

  4. I don't like how the guy driving at 10 seconds not only looks at his own phone, but then looks at the BlackBerry Passport while he is driving down the road.

  5. Let me guess, with its price, I could buy the entire Apple and Samsung. Right?

    I want this one. It's awesome, an innovation, I sure would buy. But c'mon, Bleckberry, it's time to lower the prices, to turn it more attractive for all kinds of publics. I know your target is people with money(executives and stuff). But time has passed. Even your old consumers has changed to another kind of operational sistems and devices. You MUST LOWER THE PRICES. Invest on merchandising, show your innovation to the open public. Show us its a product anybody could use in many ways. I myself always wanted a Blackberry. Never had. And I'm an engeneering student. Never had so much money. I just use Android because I don't have money enough for a Blackberry or an iPhone. 
    I loved Z10, probably would have bought if its price was accessible. But it never is… 

  6. i really like the look of this blackberry but this commercial is funny. they act like they cant just rotate those other phones into landscape mode and see more… they all have the phone upright and look frustrated they cant see more lol… the commercial is a bit exxagerated but overall i love the phone. ive had it for a few weeks now… the apps are blah to be nice… nothing even comes close to ios app selection and quality but after awhile you even get bored of gimmicky apps…

  7. @100spurs get it. It's so worth it! Although it's not an entertainment device to be comfortable with but the speakers are amazingly loud. Just give it a try and you'll love it.

  8. @waleed. Just sell the note 3 and get the passport. Or maybe att has a trade in program. They're offering the passport but not yet. Only available through amazon and BlackBerry shop.

  9. @meetajhu. You do realize you made the most ignorant comments right? BlackBerry won best os in the world. Google it. Second, every important person uses BlackBerry. Including Obama, Eric Schmidt, Tim cook, jay z and even artists like alicia keys and drake use it. It's also the only security enterprise and smartphone approved by the us government. So quit your yapping Cuz not even ur own ceos like using their iphones and androids. Lmao!!!

  10. A tool for business instead of a toy robot (android) or the decaying apple that is a lot like a venus flytrap! Lures you in and then sucks the life out of you!!!
    Great job Blackberry!

  11. for those people who complain about this phone doesn't have good app like game,multimedia,social network….i want you to know that this phone is not being built for those purpose!this phone is made for those who work, those who doesn't have time to play like you, who have to work for you to play…who wear suits,who have more than enough money to buy this phone and who workwide!i'm using an bb q10 and i absolutely love it.nice work bb

  12. After being asked about my favorite phone and how many have I had in my lifetime, I had to recall the fact that I had read about Blackberry attempt to rekindle their fire in a very competitive mobile industry.  After seeing this and evaluating what I have read about Blackberry and the cost associated with this new Blackberry Passport, I have determined that I not only want it, I have to share this on Abornewords.  I want my readers to see this one.  Very creative Blackberry.  Congrats on clearly identifying your target market group.  

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