Work better using your Sony smartphone and tablet and Xperia in Business

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Take your business to a new level:

Let Sony Xperia help you manage your working day:

Stay connected with Xperia in Business and manage your emails and schedule on the go.

Whether it’s leading device management solutions or productivity tools and communication apps, Sony Mobile allows you to connect devices, share important information and edit your documents – all protected by Android and Sony software enhancements. With secure cloud based services and the added resilience of waterproof and dust tight protection, Xperia smartphones and tablets offer you and your business unparalleled protection.

Synchronizing and securing your emails and contacts has never been easier.

32 Comments on Work better using your Sony smartphone and tablet and Xperia in Business

  1. Am still using the xperia Z up to now,and it works heavenly..but am preparing my pocket for the z3 compact..its nice that u guys made a compact option without reducing the internals of z3 ( except the 720p vid,which is just fine) Z had its fair share of water torture and falls,but still intact to its original yeah,am still putting my money on the xperia line rather than others out what others said before me,do more marketing guys.. 🙂 ..but heck,i kinda like it that not everybody is using xperia,it somehow feels very vip knowing ur the only one in a crowd wherein samsungs and iphones are present..

  2. Had my z3 for almost two months now and I adore it but the crazy over heating issues while performing daily tasks really makes me want to sell it 🙁

    Also, it clams to be waterproof so I played around with in in a bubble free bath about two weeks ago and the bottom speaker as been very muffled and tinny ever since…

  3. i read in the comment section someone said sony is gonna be out of the smartphone business because of low sales.
    Frankly,Sony should not stop now.
    I do agree upon what everybody is saying that sony did not improve much and just keep on releasing "the same phone" just being called in different names.
    If so,why would u stress much on buying which one because it's the same phone anyways,right?maybe u can choose on the designs,shape,size,colour,noise canceling because that's the ones that changed.
    Sony produces really interesting smartphones (at least to me),i mean the camera app tht are built-in are really impressive to me,i really wanna buy it to just be creative u know? And,i dont stress much on which one to buy but i look on the size and colour like the compact or the z2 which is available in purple(not as mainstream phone colour) since everything else didnt chance as much i just stress on these characteristics because sometimes i want the purple one but z3c doesnt hv it in purple.u get my point??…sometimes i feel like asking Sony to build a perfect phone for me.hahah.
    Sony's sales are dropping because of apple and samsung ? this is just "whaaaattt" to me.i mean,yes i do like some things tht these smartphones have to offer but really people are buying apple products because apple is in trend among the young ones.and they cost quite a lot which means if ure an apple user u are being labelled as "rich" and obv ppl these days crave for tht title (at least in my country).apple are cousins are using ip5s and i found out tht built-in apps such as garage band,we need to pay if we want to use it.and most apps on apple store u need to pay(my cousin told me the fun apps need to pay),u want music u need to pay.the phone itself is expensive,using the phone is more expensive.what is the point of it? 
    samsung,my mom uses samsung and i fcking hate laggs,it shut down by itself and u have to turn it back on again (this was a lot of trouble bcoz my mom uses her phone for alarm…so….u know where im going here!) and my mom was angry at us for downloading games and apps bacause she thought its the reason why her phone kept on shutting off but whats the point of a phone but u cant download shit.i thought it was the memory card or something because we cant download and apps anymore! we bought a larger memory card and still cant download shit even though theres still large space left (or maybe android is the prob idk).all and all,samsung has been frustrating.
    this is long so is pretty great compared to apple eventhough their prices are not tht different frm each other.if u ask me sony or apple,i would pick sony.rather than spending a couple more hundred on apple,i'd rather choose sony just by the enthusiasm it give me to own the phone,u can already tell which one im gonna have more fun with.
    this is a personal preference u might agree or disagree,learn to respect others' opinion (as long as theyre not rude and disrespectful) i hope i wasnt.i would like to hear ur opinion too so reply if u want :).thanks for reading this long ass comment.

  4. Please do not redo the ui on your other apps. The walkman update was horrible. I reinstalled the previous version, "material design" is hideous, do not fall for ugly trends. Stay unique and elegant or I might as well buy another manufacturers device, since yours won't be anything special.

  5. Sony, why don`t you advertise your great smartphones on the television?, you did that with the z2 and it sold very well, can`t you do that for the Z3 or its successor? Make sure you put enough adverts to make people buy your smartphones, so you would not lose so much money.When the Z4 comes out, drop the price of the Z3 by a least 45% to 50%.

  6. Without doubt my Z2 is the best phone I've ever had I also have the Z2 tablet I do my ordering for work on them.lightning fast beautiful to look at I'm happy they're waterproof cos I'm always drooling over them.where other phones have died in my hot kitchen my Z2's just keep powering along.LOVE YOU SONY:-* 

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