Win ‘2048’ Game : Tips & Tricks / Demonstration

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‘2048’ is an Awesome Addictive Fabulous Puzzle Game which has gained lot of Momentum.

You can play the game on web @ (Also available on iOS and Android)


This video is the first video on YouTube which demonstrates the trick to win this game.

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It’s simple to play, but hard to master and very addictive.

OBJECTIVE: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one and you get points for that! In this attempt, try to get a block of 2048 and you win the game!

23 Comments on Win ‘2048’ Game : Tips & Tricks / Demonstration

  1. A friend told me about this last week,said it was addicting.I laughed…until I found myself playing until the wee morning hours lol.I'm hooked and now I found the game it's actually based on from what I hear…"Threes"? It's quite different but the premise is the same from what I can tell.I'm finally hitting the 1028 & 2056 tiles more frequently now so that's a good sign lol.

  2. try to post a video where you beat the damn game instead of making somebody watch 14 minutes and then at the end fail -___- you must keep your highest numer on the left low corner instead of mixing it up, once you have your first 512 and it is NOT in the left low corner, you have more chance to fail by each step you take from there on, i tried it this week and failed everytime, only win when i do it from left to right, high to low

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