Why Xiaomi’s Mi Box Could Give Apple TV a Run for Its Money

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May 19 — Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s global vice president, discusses the company’s new Mi Box TV streaming device for the U.S. market, smartphone sales and growth opportunities. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang at Google’s annual I/O developer conference.

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14 Comments on Why Xiaomi’s Mi Box Could Give Apple TV a Run for Its Money

  1. xiaomi talk too much how good the products are. i use the mi phones for few years and never the phone is as good as they say. but the pricing is good enough for buying mi products instead of 'European' brands. if they start
    pricing the products as apple or samsung..then they will going down. sorry for my bad englischshshsjdbd ;)

  2. they just fool people with crappy things .. learn two rules .. don't buy anything with Android .. don't buy anything made in China ..
    American and Japanese products went down when they enter the forbidden country ..

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