Why The iPhone 7 Will Look The Same – Apple’s New 3 Year Plan

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Why Apple Is Switching To a 3 Year Cycle With iPhone 7, New Shell Leak & Lightning To Headphones Adapter. Latest iPhone 7 Rumors.

46 Comments on Why The iPhone 7 Will Look The Same – Apple’s New 3 Year Plan

  1. Who gives a fucking shit, YouTube needs to stop randomly recommending these shit videos about the iPhone 69 meme edition with MLG camera lens. Ofc it will be the same, idgafos about iPhones until my current contract ends and I need to upgrade next year. Fuck off already

  2. iPhone suck I had iPhone from for to 6s nothing changed all phones the same I switch to android galaxy s7 edge n OMG I love this phone I'll never go back to a boring ass iPhone apple suck

  3. i am from the future! the iphone 268 is going to be the size of the empire state building! and it is going to be 121 million dollars! you guys still are not even at the iphone 7 yet! hahahahahahah! you guys have a looooooooooooooooooong way ahead of you! slowpokes!

  4. I'm not expecting innovation from Apple. I'm just expecting them to catch up with Android phones by implementing SD Cards, bigger batteries, and get rid of some software limitations like the inability to use the iPhone as an USB storage device.

  5. I'm sooo DONE with IPhones. They never made a "major change" to their phones. It's usually the same phone over and over again with the same shapes and 1 addition added with every flagship that is coming out. Samsung is the Future. This is my opinion guys, so no need to get all jumpy. If u like apple good, but for me, I use to till I grabbed a Samsung device. I'm happy and your happy with you opinions. Have a wonderful day. :)

  6. bla bla bla, bullshit it will be different, same low res screen, cheap materials, fixed battery, 16gb model, no sd card slot, single sim, proprietary connector, overpriced, pink, gold, silver, protruding camera, still a mechanical fucking button lowering the screen real estate.But most importantly, why is there cables connecting to your garbeage can?

  7. Apple… Your battery life SUCKS. I've gotten an iPhone every other year since 3GS… I didn't get a 6 or 6s cuz I'm waiting on 2 things… New Design and BETTER battery. If I don't get both in the iPhone 7 I'm done. 1715 mah battery in the 6s?! Are you serious?! Every other smart phone has at least 3000 mah… Get a battery on par with that iPhone…. Or I'm done.

  8. See I was expecting for the next iPhone to upgrade. I am one of those skipping the iPhone 6s. But more and more I feel like I not going to upgrade. Unless there's really something there that blows me away. Camera is a sensitive matter to me Coz It
    Always been one of the most important features on my phones. Plus I have currently the iPhone 6 Plus 128gb. And I can't downgrade on that. I already figured out that 64gb is the minimum I can do. Don't know people. Guess I will have to wait for that keynote to know what the iPhone 7 is all about. I would love to improve the camera but considering storage (i just can't do +1k phones every time I upgrade) and still the same design, I really can't be sure that I not gonna use my faithful phone for an extra year. Besides camera being old sometimes it still amazes me with some pics I get out of it, and also iOS still works perfectly fine. My dream phone is an LG G5 with S7 edge amoled display and water proof, rocking iOS on it.

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