Why the HTC One M10 could be the Best Smartphone in 2016 HD

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Why the HTC One M10 could be the Best Smartphone in 2016 HD

10 Comments on Why the HTC One M10 could be the Best Smartphone in 2016 HD

  1. HTC 10 shaping up to be the best phone of 2016. people that say they didn't change the design, neither did Samsung. why change something that's already been proven good. the only thing lacking on HTC phones was the camera. but now looks like that has changed. it actually out scored Samsung Galaxy S7 on test comparisons, and they still found a way to implement there boom sound speakers, adding OIS on the front camera as well. out scored Samsung and LG and Apple on benchmark tests.and sense 8 is the cleanest and fastest and most customizable skin there is. almost like stock Android. which will make there battery last even longer. say what you want about HTC but it looks as though they stepped there game up this year.

  2. only way HTC will be on top again is If they will ditch the Toshiba sensors and add optical image stabilization and fix the post production of the camera. sadly there a couple years behind LG, Samsung and even Apple when it comes to the camera. the iPhone 4s is a superior camera than the M9. bigger mega pixels doesn't automatically make it a better camera. I've been a loyal HTC consumer for years. but there camera is really there only huge downfall

  3. I love my HTC M7..and still didn´t change because of battery. I just hope M10 will do that so i can finally upgrade. Also because of a better camera. I think like you said everyone wants the best camera possible so we can leave our compact and DLSR cameras at home.

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