Why the HTC One M10 could be the Best Smartphone in 2016 | 4K

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This is my review of why I think the HTC One M10 will be the best smartphone of 2016! What are your thoughts? 🙂

Credits to Pocketnow and Danny Winget for some of the Footage:

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The Future technology of 2016:

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The Best Budget Phone Ever:

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The Mug that mixes your drink for You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2Ln_vSzicY

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28 Comments on Why the HTC One M10 could be the Best Smartphone in 2016 | 4K

  1. I'm still using my HTC Desire HD2 and it work perfectly. I'm sticking with HTC's. They're soooo incredibly reliable you'd be a gimmick fool not to stick with this brand.

  2. HTC One M10 could be the Best Smartphone in 2016 | !!!!! I do not agree with you
    because I think HTC will fall in the same error when it made same design for 3 versions . & m10 will be the fourth

  3. Honored,
    I always say I was impressed by HTC but after I bought the HTC One M8 at the start was very good except that I noticed as I had wireless issued batteria run out very quickly, but after the update of the third changed much in the functions of the camera camera originally had a number of functions much better and was perfect the quality of pictures.
    But mostly it annoys me that I have very often baterien filled after using Wireless do not know whether the problem is known and others, do not know whether I will be ready to buy again HTC One …. ..

  4. My M7 is still the daddy in design, build quality, camera and sound. I completely love it, just one thing that has started to cause problem is the battery, it drains down quickly now, may be its worn out with time but that even after 2 years of usage. I expect another really robust phone from M10 in 2016.

  5. I've had the M7, M8, and now M9 🙂 I would love to have the M10 but if HTC make serious changes to it i.e. longer battery life at least three days, full optical camera lens, two sim card slots, wireless charging, water and dust proof.. I know it's a lot to ask for :-)

  6. the M10 will not succeed , nowadays every phone has metal , have loud clear speakers , have smooth ui..good cameras. not only must they compete based on that , but also on value -bang for buck… from the cheapo smartphones (moto X… OP2 ..oppo..xiaomi..).. may we bid farewell to HTC next year

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