Why The HTC 10 Is Better Than The Galaxy S7 Edge!

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Why The Galaxy S7 Edge Is Better Than The HTC 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV0Z9Bvt3RA

A few weeks ago I uploaded my 5 reasons the Galaxy S7 Edge is better than the HTC 10. In this video we discuss the strengths of the HTC 10 which potentially make it a better buy than the Galaxy S7 Edge.

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37 Comments on Why The HTC 10 Is Better Than The Galaxy S7 Edge!

  1. nope…better screen, bigger screen, water proof and memory card expansion…what's the point in having awesome speakers if we don't have space to hear the booming sound? I made my choice already with the best phone of 2016…S7 edge…oh yeah and it sexy and eye catching as hell! also fast charging and wireless charging…
    sad to make a video for click bait and views

  2. I have some questions.I want to buy a phone after 2 months later.I've 2 choices:Galaxy S7 Edge and HTC 10.

    HTC 10:Responsible UI and fantastic build quality.But only problem is about adoptable storage.I have heard that this function slows down crazily the performance of the phone.

    Galaxy S7 Edge:Fantastic design and some little functions.The only problem is Touchwiz.Samsung tells that "Touchwiz is fixed".It may be true because Android isn't old Android.But though i can't believe them.

    I don't play games(sometimes may be Subway Surfers,but not that strong games),just using whatsapp,facebook,google chrome,messenger and some light apps.Will Galaxy S7 Edge lag after 2,2.5 years later even using these apps?

    P.s.Help me for choosing.

  3. I prefer my s7e over the HTC 10. he has key points but theyre small ones. s7e has a bigger/better screen imo, better back camera and if you change the ui to material dark and add nova launcher or gel you are golden. also the s7e has better battery not to say the 10 is bad, but the edge last an hour or two longer.

  4. I like the HTC 10 more, but I've had a HORRIBLE experience when I bought the M7 unlocked. The company that handles the shipping for them "LetsTalk" is terrible. They charged me for four phones because of exchanging defective ones and they never refunded me when I sent them back. I had to get bank involved. I might buy the HTC 10 off ebay, if not, I am locked to the S7 Edge. I'll wait for the HTC Nexus device too just in case.

  5. Bought my 10 directly from HTC because AT&T doesn't carry it. I'm very happy with my purchase. I realize it's not the best phone but any phone can have disadvantages when compared to other phones. As far as "fanboyism", everyone has bias, especially when it comes to phones. It's ok to be a fan of any manufacturer. The 10 works for me and since I dropped 7 bills on it, I'm going to enjoy it and just be happy with my purchase. Thanks for the great vids sir.

  6. I agree with all your opinions, but I'm still glad I got the S7 Edge. I think the important lesson for everyone out there is this; no new flagship device is worth many hundreds over previous iterations. My old LG G3 (currently $250 new) is 90% the phone my S7 ($700+) is. If it wasn't for the BOGO deal, I wouldn't have gotten the Samsung.

  7. I really think it comes down to personal preference. I could easily come up with why the S7 edge is better than HTC 10: 1. better rear facing camera, 2. Water Resistant 3. bigger screen, 4. brighter in direct sunlight 5. better battery life.

  8. I really think it comes down to personal preference. I could easily come up with why the S7 edge is better than HTC 10: 1. better rear facing camera, 2. Water Resistant 3. bigger screen, 4. brighter in direct sunlight 5. better battery life.

  9. Uh oh.. I know the thumbs down are unfounded…

    Just keep in mind, Why the HTC 10 is better than the Galaxy S7 Edge, doesn't mean IT IS! better, no phone is better than another, but they do things better than one another. I'll go either way. People always seem to take it personally if you, yourself prefer one phone over another.

    Great big thumbs up! great points and we value your opinion.

  10. while I completely agree with all your points, I still exchanged my HTC 10 for an s7 edge because of the waterproofing. I hate the Samsung emojis though, they look so crappy compared to the Google ones….

  11. I've tested the HTC 10 in a store. I currently have the Nexus 6 and must say… it's got better speakers than these Boom Sound 2.0. They sound… TINY compared to my Nexus 6. :(

  12. Let's start from the bottom, after using HTC M8 M9 for something like two years and not for two months like you do HTC phones gets superlaggy at some point and also had tones of issues with facebook.
    About cleanest version of Android I totally agree.
    About Boomspeakers they WAS fantastic and I say fantastic because after you use the phones for one year it's clearly not loud as it was.
    About your personal preference again I agree but what else that button does on HTC? Last but not least I found HTC building materials top quality and I think this was going to be a valid reason

  13. u didn't mention the build quality and durability on HTC 10
    much more better than s7/edge
    and the update comes faster on the 10

    it's best overall smartphone .. some people don't understand what does this mean

    but if u just a photographer then u won't like HTC .. if u want water proof device u won't love HTC
    if you don't listen to music you won't love HTC

    it's like comparing a Japanese car like Toyota with Korean car like Hyundai

    a reliable durable last longer car vs more features car

  14. For me the only advantage is usb c other than that i struggle to justify any of the other reasons. The S7 edge is just better, can't really say much more.

  15. seriously i like the way touchwiz looks more the than sense (and i like the way stock looks more than touchwiz) idk why but sense doesn't look that much like stock to me other than pull down menu (not even the setting). anyway nice vid

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