Why I hate BlackBerry Z10 EVEN MORE!

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It’s been exactly a year now that I have had my BlackBerry Z10…
Alot has changes since the BlackBerry release…
And I just hate the phone EVEN MORE!!!
The OS bring new features thats just infuriates me!…
Check the video out to see how much I hate this device.

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28 Comments on Why I hate BlackBerry Z10 EVEN MORE!

  1. Hello jc I am using blackberry z10 and my problem is  in phone settings there is a option given show my number in that option iam selecting turn off option. After I am calling to. My friend number it's not working the call will be 
    automatically ending, can u tell me what the problem is ……

  2. This phone is my f*** nightmare, i hate this phone so much words cannot explain. First of all the picture quality is terrible, especially at night, the battery sucks cause you find yourself having to recharge you phone every hour or so and you cant simply add music to your phone by simply dragging files from your computer via usb cable to your phone. And when you decide to send files via bluetooth sometimes it wont even show you the file on your music list even when it shows you that you have successfully sent the file. And if you were hoping to use your favorite apps, well then your in for a treat because blackberry doesnt have anything on blackberry world. Forget instagram, forget snapchat and oh yea forget youtube. Thats right, if you want to watch a youtube video you will need to use website more !!! not mobile mode for youtube but website.I hate this phone so much, arhhhhh wish i had money to buy an iphone or a galaxy guess im stuck with this peace of crap. Do your self a favor and stay away from this horrible device and blackberry all together

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