Why I ditched the iPhone 5s for an HTC One (M8)

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You might remember that at the launch of the HTC One M8 I wrote an article titled “I was going to switch my iPhone 5s to an HTC One M8, but..” (http://pocketnow.com/2014/03/26/i-was-going-to-switch-my-iphone-5s-for-an-htc-one-m8-but) and my arguments for avoiding the change were based on the poor camera, its lack of a fingerprint scanner, and the fact that boom sound wasn’t everything. Fast forward to today, give me an HTC One M8 for a week and now my iPhone is in a drawer. Since a lot of you asked me why this happened, well watch our video to find out.


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31 Comments on Why I ditched the iPhone 5s for an HTC One (M8)

  1. And here we are after two years. HTC one M8 is almost unusable with stutters, bad and slow camera, lag, old android version and security, battery drain and shitty gaming performance. iPhone 5s is a generation ahead of HTC M8 today. iPhone 5s is literally as fast and snappy as any android flagship today. You can throw any game at it without any problem. And, the camera is much much better on iPhone 5s. I know all this because I have used both. The overall experience is much better on iPhone 5s after two years, although you couldn't say this when HTC m8 was newly released just like all the Android phones vs iPhones.

  2. 1( ) because you are being paid
    2( ) Because you dont care for performance, solid experience and security
    3( ) you kept using the iPhone, in secret
    4 ( ) all options above

  3. I was looking at replacing my tired iPhone 4 with and iPhone 5S, but now I'm debating between the HTC One M8 and the LG G3. Any thoughts on that choice? Thanks in advance.

  4. What's the bug deal with arguing over 2 smartphones, if you want to look up a VS video then the only reason you should be watching it is to see which one you think fits you more, not to fight for the one that's in your hand, face it, there is no win to any phone or company, DEAL WITH IT

    For ex:
    I just searched up-
    "HTC one m9 vs iPhone 6"
    Because I really don't know which one I should go for and which one I would like best.

  5. I only wish the HTC One M8 has cases and accessories that are sold in almost all stores like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S phones do.
    I mean even the most basic stores you go to, even clothing and fashion stores or dollar stores, will have phone cases for either iPhone or Galaxy S.  I want the M8 to have that satisfaction as well.

  6. Both these phones are superb guys…
    The only difference is that with HTC you never get bored if you are heavy user while with Iphone 5s you never loose by buying it.
    If you like to try different kind of things on the phone as half-tablet than the HTC is the best choice…but if you like to do most of your fancy stuff on computer than Iphone, as I said, is an excellent choice ones again…
    I love both companies…HTC and Apple.. ! :)

  7. Thanks for the video. One question: why do you say (around 5:14) that the iPhone is always a superior to other smartphones as camera replacement? You don't give any reasons so I'd love if you could expand on that one. Thanks!

  8. I don't need a smartphone for a more enhanced experience dom ass. 

    I need a smartphone for more productivity, and this phone failed me and is just wasting my time trying to figure out all the cool shit it can do when I won't be using any of its lame ass features.

    Sorry I don't spend hours watching videos on it because I have a damn computer, or playing lame ass phone video games bc I'm a fucking loserrr and wouldn't use a ps4 or something to play if I get the time.

    Sorry but technology is a fail for how restricted it is. 

    Damn I need to be on the moon with a beer while watching earth .

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