Which VR Headset Should You Get? | (Full Specs Comparison) Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive vs PS VR

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Today I make a informative video about the top 3 Virtual Reality headsets that are hitting the market fairly soon. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the PlayStation VR. Also I am mainly comparing the devices at launch and what comes in the box. Which VR helmet wins? or better yet, Which one is right for you? Which VR headset to buy? Vive vs Rift vs PSVR.
What headset are you most excited for? Leave a response in the comments below, and lets keep it civil guys. It doesn’t matter what headset you choose, we are all ending up in the same virtual world.
In reality there is no best vr headset, they all have their strength in weaknesses objectively. Yes price is included in this.

Update: Oculus rift is now boasting DRM….
Well, this should dissuade some people, like me.

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40 Comments on Which VR Headset Should You Get? | (Full Specs Comparison) Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive vs PS VR

  1. The only thing that prevents me for buying an oculus it's facebook background and its policy (DRM), otherwise i would go for the oculus, but i'll stick to a vive, i love open platforms and the power behind Open Source, expecially talking about development of apps and games, oculus has created the VR and it looks like they're trying to kill it.

  2. Nice overview of VR tech. I don't think VR has any real application beyond scary games and porn (as far as Cnet and Mashable have noted). VR is currently impractical in households with young children (who need to be looked after).

    Second, I think VR tech is really a cynical attempt to encourage sales of really expensive PCs and the necessary accessories for the VR experience.

    Thirdly in my experience with the Google cardboard and a demo if the Samsung Gear VR, VR is not fully optimized for everyone. People needing glasses and/or have motion sickness. To be fair the Sony VR demo was better for me (I need glasses and I have motion sickness). It was a smooth and we'll done experience.

    In short, VR tech is a waste of money (beyond Google Cardboard). May the Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass (if and when it comes back) technologies do better.

    End of speech. Lol!?

  3. I haven't tried VR yet but I see it as like pizza. Google Cardboard is the cheapest lowest quality of frozen pizza. The kind where you can buy a few under a $1. It's not all that but you know it's pizza in some sense. Samsung Gear VR is like the highest quality of the frozen pizzas. Good but you know there is better out there. PSVR is the typical chain pizza like your Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Then Rift and Vive are the top high grade pizzas. The kinda that are found in the legit 5 star pizzerias.

  4. If I could afford a VR headset it would be the PS VR, since I already have a PS4 and my PC could never in a million years run VR games before some serious upgrades…which is not a possibilty for me because I really don't have the money for that :D

  5. where the hell are they, the only one Ive seen in the stores is Samsung VR, The virtual Reality headsets are not available in Connecticut at any best buy, only the
    Samsung VR for the stupid cell phone which is over $100 bucks a month for the plan

  6. it's not really tech specs that matter at all. it's developers support. it's who has the best games. we've all seen better technology over the years die because it didn't have the support or list of games as a clearly inferior well supported system. it's whose backing them and the perceived list of titles. I say that as some with have a huge list of games. Doesn't matter that most are garbage. most will see this huge list of titles and go I'm getting this one. hopefully whatever you buy will be around for a while. because vr is costly and to invest in something that expensive I hope the different company's are committed for the long hall. because nothing is worse than getting a system that a company gets into quickly and out quickly. and your holding this extremely expensive paper weight that a pawnshop with not even take for $5.

  7. I'm going with whichever is the cheapest and easiest to pirate games for, once one of them hits the $299 price point. Of course I'll need an AMD RX 480 as well.

    Also: Fuck that XB1 controller! I'd rather have a 360 controller any day of the week.

  8. "Vive" is definitely a step ahead of the competition because of it's "full 360 VR experience", as opposed to the "Rift" and "PSVR" which are essentially a 180 VR experience.
    While Vive still faces many VR hurdles like the tethered cable, and locomotion (teleportation), they are still providing the best VR experience.
    I plan on buying PSVR personally, but I'm worried the limitations of the single, forward facing PS4 Camera may cause motion sickness.

    Seems many people playing VR games (on Oculus Rift and PSVR) are still using their mouse or right joystick to "turn around".
    This is why people complain about motion sickness.

    So, hopefully Oculus and Sony somehow add a second camera (sensor) or something. So we can actually turn around.

    Rift & PSVR will be awesome for seated / cockpit / "forward facing games.
    But, Vive is an actual full 360 VR experience.

  9. I Pre-ordered the PS VR. I'll have to test my Alienware 17x r4 and see if it can already run the Vive. I think between the Vive and the Rift. It'd be the Vive. Now those two have more items to do in VR than the PSVR, but the PSVR will have more whole games than some of the broken "demos" I have seen for the other two. So I'm going with PSVR then Vive down the line when it's been out a whiles.

  10. vive is the best one. Iv'e tried it, nothing can compare. I'll be getting psvr since i'm a fanboy and it doesn't seem half that bad. I just hope there are enough demos to make me happy. Vive has a ton of demos, even simple 'try out these mechanics'. I just hope that the psvr doesn't have issue's with controllers/headset not being seen and stuff.

  11. then its not real VR then if they do not want to get up and do anything, there is 2 real forms of it one where its just like in matrix and other is like star trek holodeck.
    what one would you like red or the blue pill ;p

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