What’s the Best Phone for Gaming? (2016)

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Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Plus vs LG G5 vs Nexus 6P – which is best for gaming?
5 Smartphone Life Hacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EkdcnRzjbg
Phones are steadily getting more and more powerful but which is best for mobile gaming? To find out I gathered the Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5 vs Huawei Nexus 6P vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus to compare games and gameplay, specs and performance, screens, temperatures, emulators and more.

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37 Comments on What’s the Best Phone for Gaming? (2016)

  1. Lmao at anyone who takes mobile gaming seriously. The only games you should be playing on a smartphone are the emulators. All others are not worth it. Too bad iphone can't run emulators without being jailbroken.

  2. Just to be clear. Spec wise android wins. But in actual performance the iPhone wins. The optimization provided by metal and the fact that iOS is not a Java based OS makes the iPhone extremely fast. It doesn't make it "feel fast" as I see a lot of people saying that. I can fit a higher poly count and higher resolution textures in an iOS app optimized for iPhone 6s then I can on the same app optimized for the s7 edge and 6p. Ultimately though it's all personal preference because iPhones don't have good emulators and that kind of sucks. Buy what you like and be happy! ✌

  3. Best phone for gaming is the GPD XD, its like an android 3DS for $150 USD and emulates pretty much everything up to and including DS and Dreamcast. Seriously good device.

  4. Android performance vs ios optimization and performance.
    Ofc.. Games always run smoothly on IPhones where androids always lags or have lower fps. If u think. Benchmarks just proved android has better performance in gaming then u are totally wrong. Try it yourself. IPhones always been better in gaming.

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