What’s the best color for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

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What’s the best color for the Galaxy S7 Edge? This is a question I have gotten and I wanted to give my thoughts about each color.

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25 Comments on What’s the best color for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

  1. i bought the silver one yesterday and it looks more expensive and make it look like a more serious product next to the black one live, had both in front of me.

  2. Black Onyx looks nice and comfortable. Gold Platinum, on the other hand, is a bit flashy, shiny, or gaudy which gets me disgruntled. Last but not least, Silver is also nice because it kind of blends it to White color and is prone to finger prints. But all in all, either Black or Silver are probably the best color choices to pick.

  3. i m getting a s7 edge soon and i don't know what colour to get i like all of them but the black looks better when the screens off and the sliver looks nice withe the edges and with the screen off but the gold looks a bit orange maybe pink ish but i might go with either black or silver but the gold looks nice so ill think and reply back what i get

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