What’s on my Smartphone 2016!

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Tour of what’s on my Nexus 6P!

Wallpaper: http://i.imgur.com/s5M1rUL.jpg
Carbon fiber skin: https://dbrand.com/mkbhd/nexus-6p

Snapchat: MKBHD

Nexus 6P Review: https://youtu.be/Xc5fFvp8le4

Buzz Widget: https://goo.gl/6v0tyJ
Soundcloud: https://goo.gl/hShx7E
Spotify: https://goo.gl/TlUaH9
GTasks: https://goo.gl/vgt6mC
Google Keep: https://goo.gl/8rvtjK
YouTube Studio: https://goo.gl/caoq8C
MyFitnessPal: https://goo.gl/k6ARg1
Pocket: https://goo.gl/R9aHSR
Fenix for Twitter: https://goo.gl/CWreCc
Today Calendar Widget: https://goo.gl/CrNmYl

Apple Music: https://goo.gl/T8jZXS
Yahoo Fantasy Sports: https://goo.gl/LTyZn3
Phillips Hue: https://goo.gl/GSilwj
NBA GameTime: https://goo.gl/1TDT37
Periscope: https://goo.gl/wyCxFz
Screener: https://goo.gl/ehac4y

Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl,…

28 Comments on What’s on my Smartphone 2016!

  1. What can I do with a smartphone, what is it good for? I have one but I barely use it except for calling or checking email, but only at home since I don't have a flat. I never have it with me. What else can I do with it? Its a iPhone 4s if that's important in any way.

    I don't feel the need to surf the internet or listen to music when I'm out, if I wanted to do this I could have just stayed at home. I also don't play any games, and don't feel like I want to. I don't use social media, don't care about what the weather is gonna be like, don't care about what my heartbeat is like, don't do calculations, don't take notes and I don't care about/watch the news. If I want to know what time it is I could wear a automatic watch. The thing that annoys me about these devices is that their battery life is absolutely terrible, many of them don't even last a day. I would literally have to recharge them every single day. Do accessory's like solar cases and such help out in that regard?

    I also don't think I would use it for taking pictures much since I have a dedicated camera in my bag with me at all times, but that's a film camera. So quick Photography would really be the only reason I could think of using one. Compact Digital cameras especially the ones in higher end smartphones are really able to resolve a amazing amount of detail nowadays, if you take their size into account. That would have been unthinkable just 2 decades ago.

  2. Solid Explorer File Manager, CamScanner and SyncMe Wireless are 3 Must Have productivity apps for both students and professionals. Also they all feature free versions or really cheap pro version.

  3. Great Vid! where did you get the wallpaper picture? , i'll follow you on snapchat MKBHD as always making great videos and very usefull to be aware about phones nowadays thanks

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