Whats On My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!?

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Hey guys after loads of people requesting for me to do a what’s on my smartphone video I decided to finally do it! All links for content mentioned in the video will be down in the description. I hope you all enjoy and don’t forget to comment, rate and subscribe to my channel to become part of this awesome tech savvy community.

For more detail on apps check out:
Top 10 Android Apps June 2016 – https://goo.gl/d7zlkK
Top 10 Android Apps May 2016 – https://goo.gl/dzu7bc
Top 10 Android Apps April 2016 – https://goo.gl/NijrJH

Lockscreen – https://goo.gl/3onjuE
Homescreen – https://goo.gl/G1LznV
Previous Wallpapers – https://goo.gl/jHXAJC

Nova Launcher – https://goo.gl/P6GsJg
Nova Prime – https://goo.gl/T5W2UB

Icon Pack:
Candycons – https://goo.gl/kAr9j0

S7 Edge Accessories:
Spigen Case – http://goo.gl/J4AzCj
Dbrand Skin – https://goo.gl/t65jDe

Showbox – http://goo.gl/A0to0l
Terrarium – http://goo.gl/oCO1Yw

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