What’s on my iPhone 6S Plus & Gaming demo!

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  1. can you download a file manager from the app store? Thanks.. I'm switching over to iOS as soon as my 6 S Plus gets here and I'm trying to find out everything I need to know about it thanks

  2. I currently have the LG g4 on sprint and have been very happy with it! outside of the galaxy note3 and 4 I had , it's one of the best phonedevices I've ever used ! Very fast and bad ass screen and loud sparked and comfortable with the leather back as well!

  3. I'm a major Android fan but I'm also a lover of all tech. and with this new iPhone 6s iteration it's really piqued my interest and I had a chance to play around with the previous 6 + and I really really enjoyed it, mainly because of the size but also because of just how good it works. it almost never falters or stutters or skips a beat. But I can't get pass not being able to customize or have widgets

  4. I do something similar on my android folders instead of pages! I have a (media)(shopping)(business)(games)(google)-(social) and then usually a network/brand of phone I have apps! Maybe that would be a little easier for ya! Thanks for the video! Do you think you could do a video on the major differences in performance,gaming,mult-itasking and just the raw power of how it performs in real-world and benchmarking compared to the previous 6plus! Thanks bro!

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