What’s new in iOS 9.3?

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iOS 9.3 contains tons of new features for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. Stay tuned to http://9to5Mac.com throughout the day for more updates.


Features covered:
iCloud for iBooks
Password protected Notes
New 3D Touch Quick Action shortcuts
Peek and Pop in Music and App Store
View videos in full screen in Music and Podcast on iPad
New Workout tab in Activity app
Pair multiple Apple Watches
Sort Notes
Saving notes media to Photos
Revamped Purchased tab in iBooks, redownload audiobooks easier
App Switcher haptic feedback
Duplicate Live Photos as still photo in full resolution
New education features
New CarPlay features
App shortcuts in Wallet app
News app For You editors picks and trends
New app landscape mode on iPhone
News app inline video playback
3 New Siri languages: Malay, Hebrew, and Finnish
New media library privacy settings for Apple Music subscribers
New Apple Watch goals in Health…

49 Comments on What’s new in iOS 9.3?

  1. Just like Tesla, night shift is a copy cat f.lux and the devs that created f.lux need to be recognized and given credit for it not brushed off like this was a all new thing because of its name. Yea it's night shit copied from f.lux once people talk correctly then criminals wouldn't be so cool anymore.

  2. so i have this wifi problem. the wifi connects but it disconnects at random times and tries to reconnect. this happens throughout the day. i have reset and restored my phone. should i set phone to new phone???

  3. No mention of all the bugs that are being reported by actual users. There are many. The download is waiting in this 6s plus.I yont update till 9.3.1 or 2. Apples cramming too much untested crap in their os.

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