What’s New in Android N

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Note that there is a typo at 4:51. “CONNECTIVITITY_CHANGE” should be “CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE”

Learn all about the Android N Developer Preview: http://goo.gl/44qIMd
Check out the API Overview: http://goo.gl/xa204A
And the Behavior Changes: http://goo.gl/Gsnlej

And learn more about how you can build your apps for Doze, multi-window, picture-in-picture, Data Saver, newly-redesigned notifications (with Direct Reply and grouping), Direct Boot, Scoped Directory Access, background optimizations and JobScheduler. And more!


33 Comments on What’s New in Android N

  1. Please add the ability to force a LEFT TO RIGHT interface on RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic(even better if it would have app specific and global settings)
    Alot of apps have weird bugs andor are unusable because of wrong right to left interface implementation(Or an automatic one forced by android).

  2. Android is just like windows was a few years ago. great for developers and blah for users. Why even give an app the right to decide to wakeup after boot or after screen unlock? Let me decide what to open not the developer.

  3. Hi Android team. THank you for the hard work! is there anyway you can suggest to google to add a screen shot short cut. Pushing the power and volume is still a struggle on nexus 6 & nexus 6p.. especially with a case on. it's not as easy as on the samsung phones or iphone. Please please please. 🙂 thx! great work! love google! love nexus!

  4. How about spending a little more time on solving the battery drain issues in 6.0.1 and little less time on features that the average user won't see for at least a year? Thanks!

  5. It´s great to see the new Android N, but I think you should work really hard into the multiwindow mode, in simple words I think you should add a way to have 2 activities running at the same time, Think in a user case when someone is reading news and scrolling down and wants at the same time to watch a video. Right now you cant because the video pauses the moment you scroll the news. You should find a solution because if not you´ll be far away from real multitasking and miltiwindow that Microsoft and even Apple use since years ago.

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