What’s new in Android – Google I/O 2016

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Chet Haase, Romain Guy and Dan Sandler divulge all of the new developer features in the platform. APIs, functionality, performance – it’s all here.

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28 Comments on What’s new in Android – Google I/O 2016

  1. Hi, I’m a developer from Nigeria and I need your assistance on a project I’m working on. It’s a project where I’m to develop a mobile application using the android framework that utilizes the phone’s dialer function to check the airtime credit balance on each sim card of a multiple sim phone (up to 4 sims), pull the balance from screen response, save it on the app and send via HTTP POST to url. For added points repeat this task using java mobile framework. Note: Settings area for Url, balance checking codes, key and network SIM slot (i.e. SIM 1 = MTN…) is necessary.
    Required post string values: gsmstatus, gsmsim, gsmbal, key etc.

    The major issues I’m having is the “Star” and “Hash” button function on the application and I really need it for the application to work successfully. Any assistance from you would be very much appreciated. I’m a huge fan of the Android Developers Channel on YouTube.

  2. It will be great if doze mode is like, apps which needs internet work's only when WiFi or Mobile data is enabled. Today most of the apps need Internet and there is no use of running those apps in the background when internet is not available. And there will be few apps like messaging, phone etc apps which works offline and doesn't need Internet always. Developer's need to built apps like that. So if the doze mode works like this, phone battery will stay longer than ever. Hope this will solve battery draining problems.

  3. The video quality seemed smoother than usual for this video. I noticed the quality was "720p60". Is this 60fps video? It looks eerily realistic on my phone screen.

  4. Multiple Languages on the system, but you still have to touch a freaking button for the keyboard to work with two different languages EVERY SINGLE TIME you want to type on a different language. This is not good at all.

    Anyway… One of my favourite features is definitely the native DPI changer. I can put it on the minimum and have a looooot of content on my big Nexus 6 display. This is awesome!

  5. HELP: I'm from Brazil, do not speak English, I am even more seizing. I need help because I'm having trouble with the programming field for mobile devices, I am not able to install any programs on my PC, which uses to schedule. android sdk etc. When you open the error,

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