What makes the Galaxy S7 Waterproof? – Ultimate Test

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How is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Water Resistant? What keeps the internal components dry? In this video, I show how each component of the Galaxy S7 can stay dry when submerged under water. The charging port, the headphone jack, the power button, all possible entries of water into this phone are protected.

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Even thought the phone is ‘water resistant’ it would not be wise to always trust that it will stay that way. Even a small drop of your device, or a bend in the frame will dislodge a component enough to ruin the iP68 rating. A dry phone is better than a broken phone any day. Better safe than sorry!

Here is a cool explanation of the iP 68 rating means, that Samsung achieved with this phone.: http://bit.ly/1p9CMrL

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47 Comments on What makes the Galaxy S7 Waterproof? – Ultimate Test

  1. thank you. yhis is very informative. i used my ip67 rated Samsung galaxy s5 in waterfalls to take pictures. i sealed the ports & buttons with cellophane tape and put a silicone case around.
    it worked very well.
    i dropped it into a tumbler (without any added protection ) couple of times. it works fine.

  2. If the weight/pressure of deeper water is what forces water past those seals and screens, and the phone is GUARANTEED to be water resistant for several several feet of water, WHY would you not advise taking the phone in the SHOWER daily, where there is zero water pressure???

    The entire video is about explaining how this phone is water resistant, but you couldn't take just an extra 15-30 seconds to give any reasoning for not advising taking phones into the shower?

  3. Hi Jerry, thanks for the video. Could you please touch on how the water resistance is achieved at the microphone holes? I accidentally poked the sim ejection pin into the top mic hole….did I break the water proofing seal? Thanks a lot in advance!

  4. Galaxy S7 is NOT Water resistant ! I repeat Galaxy S7 is Not water resistant !??? jumped in the pool with it, lasted no more than 10 seconds inside submerged. It wasn't any deeper than 5 feet pool. Came out and phone started rebooting and turning on and off.  Luckily after about 20 minutes it started working again. Lets see if it works fine… ??? i was and am pissed off.

  5. hey can you tell me that if I put that phone in water then will that material will turn pink??
    and then if I had some issues not because of water but then will Samsung will approve my warranty?

  6. wait so I'm confused you're saying that you wouldn't trust it in the shower butt there are tons and tons of videos of people bringing it in the pool actually freezing the Galaxy S7 Edge in water and then after a couple of days checking on it and it working absolutely perfectly

    why do they show Lil Wayne pouring champagne all over it and promoting their phone that way if you're saying they don't trust it in the shower are you saying that you know more than they do?

  7. Nice Video Bro , But jerry i have a couple of question and i hope that u will answer me the sooner u can , first i wanna ask about the microphone what about the microphones in the S7 how are they protected The second question : is the microphones protection is the same forthe samsung galaxy S7 and the samsung galaxy s5? And the final question is , will my samsung galaxy S5 or my samsung galaxy S7 will be always water resistant if i did put a little tool in the microphone Hole , because i did repair my S5 microphone like that , so can i put it in water of it s no more water resistant ? will wait for U R answer Bro and Thanks 😉 !

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