What if the iPhone 7 really has no headphone jack?

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According to rumors, the iPhone 7 may have no standard headphone audio jack. Instead, Apple may push the adoption of wireless earphones and earphones using a Lightning connector. But what’s the point?
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40 Comments on What if the iPhone 7 really has no headphone jack?

  1. The current ear bud supplied by apple are terrible anyway – the fit is horrible always falling out with slippery plastic and the sound is just average.

    I'm ok with no ear phone jack it's going to happen across other platforms, companies at some stage why not now.

  2. how the fuck am i going to charge my phone and listen to music and videos at the same time then? the change of the charger and the sim card size didnt directly impact how we use our phones unlike with this change – the fuck apple?!

  3. None of these headphones mentioned are high quality audiophile headphones. In facts, all wireless headphones have been known to be shit compared to wired. So Apple is pushing shitty sound their their consumers. Good job.

  4. I don't care if Apple gets rid of the Jack and use the Lightning port instead as long the sound quality improves and maybe they can use that extra space for added features for the phone maybe a better amplifier for sound could fit in that slot,it just doesn't bother me if they remove it I mean we are making a transition to usb-c with other manufacturers including Apple,so buying an adapter for a your headphones shouldn't be a deal breaker

  5. I really hope apple does this. Maybe it'll be the last straw for apple fanboys and it'll cause them to switch to Android. Then again maybe the fanboys will just buy the adapter and be stuck giving their money away to Apple for the rest of their lives.

  6. A rare comment I'm going to make, but I'm 43 and I've been following tech since I was 9, do the math. I've always know about Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and all the companies in between. Apple has never been of my eye one bit, even when they were small I looked at Steve Jobs as a "snake oil seller" if you will. He always tried to steal and shut down competition, even defying the Woz, who was the real creator. My friend bought an Apple 2e,remember those? I showed him my Commodore 64 with colorful sprites while he played the same games on monochrome, but his computer was twice as much as mine! Never understood that…

  7. Every "reason" he gave for it being a "good" can all be accomplished with a headphone jack. if apple removes it and it fails, they will bring back the 3.5 the next year saying its a new feature, just like samsung is doing.

  8. No, i don't think apple should remove the 3.5 jack, like you said, headphones with the lightning connector will be expensive, and they limit the type of headphones you can use with your phone, hope this doesn't happen

  9. With constant switching out of your charger to use your headphones and vice versa then the lighting port will have a higher rate of getting damaged. Wireless headphones or earphones would have to be the way. This wouldn't be a good move for the iPhone, I mean Apple is always trying to limit and overprice its consumers. They need to focus more on making the battery last longer.

  10. So you can't charge while listening at the same time, the headphones will pull more amps out of the iphone, they either improve their battery tech, build a larger phone to compensate for the power draw "which defeats the purpose" or use an adapter which again will draw power. Bluetooth latency is still an issue and it's not known for having the best quality, even apt-x has a limited frequency range. Well I hope it works out for them.

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