What happened to my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

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What happened to my S7 Edge? #S7edge

18 Comments on What happened to my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

  1. I work for T-Mobile so what this means is you are not connected to the network you want to call T-Mobile and get reset code for your devices but you need to ask them to do a reset on there and first is won't affect anything that you any apps or anything that you stored

  2. Well it's not that there rooted obviously cause all S7, S7 Edge bootloaders are tightly locked so it's obvious that those getting this lock custom , it's something else, by any chance all of you that are getting this are you using Package Disabler Pro by any chance and have something disabled.

  3. It means you didn't pay your bill Jay lmaooo… I'm just kidding. I'm thinking you have your phone encryption on. That's all I can surmise. I remember HTC 10 already being an encrypted phone btw.

  4. i was wondering if you can help me out. I have a t mobile samsung galaxy s7 edge, and I get the messages people send me late, is there a way to fix this? Thanks.
    also, I have no ideo what that is.

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