What are the best GPS apps?

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There are a host of sat nav apps available to help you get to work on time or discover new places. In this video we’re looking at the top free and paid sat nab apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Using a different GPS app that deserves a mention? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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  1. Most of these GPS maps don't let you intuitively add a destination address. Most of these YouTube videos don't show you how. Lots of garbage GPS apps out there.

  2. i got a message on my windows phone that Nokia Drive is going away soon…Not the greatest but i use it when i need highway or no highway options since mapquest offers none

  3. NavFree all the way here. Almost no complaints about it, not more than the usual stand alone navigation systems' problems. It does what it needs to do, and doesn't use up your data plan. When you download a map, just use a free wifi spot, have a drink while it downloads and you're good to go. All maps are used offline, so no data consumption.

    Speeding camera's and traffic warning are optional, but only cost a fraction (I paid around €5 for both) of what other navigation systems ask you to pay and they do the exact same thing at the exact same spots (and even more accurate if I may say).

    And for another €2 (somewhere around that amount) you get rid of the annoying commercial adds that keep popping up on top of your screen. All in all, this app has cost me about €7, which is nothing compared to it's "big brothers". So yes, I'm pretty happy with it.

    One hint: depending on how long your battery goes, you might want to plug your device into a charging source in your car while using NavFree (or other navigation apps). They do consume a lot of your battery power.

    Ps: using NavFree on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Works perfect.

  4. tried near all gps nav apps for hiking and the winner is Backcountry having a go at viewranger but seems a bit yuck backcountry allows you to save your offline maps to the ext sdcard so don't use your phone or tablet main memory up maps load fast try free one till get use to it,note turn off tablet or phone screen auto rotation when using compass less confusing I may even do a review of this love it

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