Waves Nx brings 3D audio experience on your ordinary headphones

Waves Nx brings 3D audio experience on your ordinary headphones

Now you can hear any music, movies or games in a revolutionary way, using the pair of headphones you already own. Waves Audio has created Nx 3D app, a new system that can let you enjoy 3D audio on any headphones using head tracking.

According to Waves, the new Nx 3D app regenerates the same 3D experience you usually have listening to sound in the real world- on any headphones. By tracking your head movements Nx personalizes the 3D audio experience to your physical movement in space. It comes with the Nx Head Tracker, a compact Bluetooth device that clips onto your headphones and using this or your laptop’s camera, Nx tracks your head’s movement.


When you usually listen on headphones, the left, and right ears are fully separated. Through the left ear, you only hear whatever comes out of the left side, and for the right side, it’s the same. But in the real world, you don’t listen in this manner. “When you hear sounds in the real world, you hear a full, rich, realistic sound environment. Thanks to the “crosstalk” effect between your left and right ears, the ambient reflections, and the adjustment to your physical movement through space, what you hear is a full landscape of sound, a full 3D soundscape… But when you’re listening on headphones, all that feeling of real space is gone.”

With Nx, you can enjoy 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound through any stereo headphones; even if the content you’re listening to wasn’t actually mixed for surround sound.

Waves launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $200,000 it requires to go into production. The retails price of the Nx Head Tracker and Application is $99, but you can back the product for as low as $59. The company plans to ship the app and the hardware by September 2016.

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