Walking War Robots TUTORIAL – How To Stop Rhinos Part 1/4

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In this 4 part series I will be concentrating on ways to stop Rhinos on the battlefield.

In part 1, I will be focusing on the Orkan weapon in particular. The Orkan is a weapon which many top tier players use mostly because of it’s ability to deliver splash damage to it’s target in a very short amount of time. With the Rhino, although it has a shield, one thing which it can’t block is splash damage. In this video footage, I demonstrate how even a Rhino with it’s shield up is crippled or even killed using Orkans.

Cost▸ 1,200 gold
Damage▸ 45,664 dmg
Range▸ 300m

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38 Comments on Walking War Robots TUTORIAL – How To Stop Rhinos Part 1/4

  1. Please someone here quit playing this game let lend me some wwr account that has a good robot.. I just play the account because I cant afford some expensive robots and weapons.. i always lose!

  2. hey Adrian I maxed out my stalker and gave it two of those 750 gold each Lazer things I don't know the name off the top of my head it's the one that fires constantly it's hilarious I sit way far away from everyone out in the open and killed them al l with ease cause they can't lock onto me you should give it a try sometime.

  3. I was messing with the tiers system while gold farming and decided to take the weapons off of rajin and take two Cossacks with me in my hanger. I got matched with golems, cossacks, Destriers and pattons XD

  4. adrian i have question cauze my little brother is waisting all of my money how do i get gold and silver fast in just 1 week? pls tell me how cuz my little brother is waisting it i have 1 milion silver and 980 gold and i didnt visit my acc in wwr in 1 week and then i saw my silver 0 and my gold 210 and i accedentaliy or whatever the spelling of that word is break my loptop and tablet D:

  5. Hey +Adrian Chong while playing online I usually see some people using the schutze or whatever its called. I'm saving up for the Magums, but I don't know what do do with them. Should I put them on my Schutze or try something else?

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