Vlog! The NEW! IPhone 7 and Moto X Rumors and Pic. Leaks

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12 Comments on Vlog! The NEW! IPhone 7 and Moto X Rumors and Pic. Leaks

  1. If you were to try one, get the 6S+.
    I've tried the 6+ and 6s+ and I was ultimately disappointed. Can't set your own default apps. Sharing is different, but feels cluttered compared to Android. Camera quality isn't that great. Video is pretty good though. Battery life is better than most Android phones, but if you hit it hard, it will die quickly and charging it takes forever.

    some good stuff though is the consistent performance, built quality, app quality, and audio quality (Jack and speaker).

  2. If you have never had an iPhone, don't worry too much about what the internet says. Because you've never had one, so you are on a blank slate. Just get one, then you will need able to find out what Apple is all about. My thoughts!

  3. have u thought about getting the iPhone SE only 399 for 16 GB and 500 64 GB it has most of the iPhone 6s specs in the 5s body cheaper than the 6s 650 and the 6s plus 750 -950 plus tax

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