Video Shootout – Galaxy s7 vs HTC 10 vs LG G5 vs Nexus 6p

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Smartphone cameras are more than just the pictures they take, they’re also about all different kinds of video recording too. We take a look at how good the image stabilization is on each of these phones during the day and the night, as well as overall picture quality too. Let’s not forget about slow motion video either, which has become a big trend in the mobile world over the past few years. Don’t forget to check out all the content for each of these phones on the site, and our other videos as well!

Low light shootout:

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Low Light Shootout: Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 vs LG G5 vs Nexus 6p

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Daytime and selfie comparisons:

Daylight and Selfie Shootout: Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 vs LG G5 vs Nexus 6p

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35 Comments on Video Shootout – Galaxy s7 vs HTC 10 vs LG G5 vs Nexus 6p

  1. and another thing you're leaving out other than the fact that you can adjust exposure focus on the foreground and background in the Galaxy S7 Edge not only is the fastest launching camera but the fastest focusing camera it's actually 24 megapixel camera but it's dual 12 megapixel..

    the camera app and pro features on the Galaxy S7 Edge you can adjust anything to get any picture you want and then you add in like I said fastest launch camera fastest focusing camera you can't go wrong

    and when you're causing these videos how can you say something accurate about colors if you're passing it on different screens that have different characteristic colors. Are you taking the video out of the cameras and putting it on a known correct color monitor or television

    if you're not doing that then all of your opinions are not valid or accurate

  2. you're also forgetting about the pro feature on these phones you could change the exposure and focus on foreground and background so this is not a true test it's just giving you what it does automatically not the hidden features like the pro features in the Galaxy S7 Edge

  3. Wow worse comparison ever, didn't make it past the first clips as the S7 obviously had the best stabilization not the HTC 10. Try holding the phones still while doing the video test not swaying back and forth which is why you got that weird look to the videos. I'd probably have more to say about the rest of the tests but like I said there's no point watching them as the first scene was a total f-up

  4. I wish you would have included a better audio recording test, like say at a concert. Would love to see how well the microphones picked up all the nuances in the music or if it's just distorted audio. When the HTC M7 came out, I was amazed at the quality of the audio. I would record a video just to strip the audio from it to use with the video footage from my DSLR video footage.

  5. in an actual video recording, the HTC m10 dominates with its hi-res mic's. picking up 256 X the sound of standard mic's. I don't think HTC records audio filing slo-mo because distorted audio would sound Kindle dumb and ruin the video lol. The HTC m10 also received a camera update. do keep in mind these other phones have been out for awhile and the HTC m10 isn't even in stores yet and still will receive some upgrades before hand.

  6. As far as I know isn't this the final version of the software. They will optimize the camera software so your shots will improve much more as in this video. And Samsung is also using a Sony Sensor in some S7 devices so HTC has a newer version of the Sony Sensor which should shot better images… I hiope they will bring the software optimization quickly after the launch. Samsung optimized its software too because of some yellow pics at night 🙂 So I think they will take care of their new handset :))

  7. this guy talks a lot of pure nonsense. I think he should just shut his mouth and let the videos do the talking but it's hard to make sense of much he says. the videos show the exact opposite of what he's saying in many areas.

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