Users frustrated by Apple iOS 8 update

Video is ready, Click Here to View × Users frustrated by Apple iOS 8 update : So it’s finally here, iOS 8 and our old phones are suddenly fresh and new again. Yes, but with millions of people trying to download the update it has been a frustrating morning for a lot of us. Wait times, the download not available yet, Wi-Fi not working, you name it, it was annoying us. The most irritating part of it all was that we needed close to 6GB of free space if we were downloading the update over-the-air directly to our phone. So we had to get creative and delete all those food pics that we already shared on Instagram, stopped climbing to the A-list on Kim Kardashian Hollywood game and quit tapping on The Simpsons Tapped Out. TIP: To avoid deleting all that, you can download on your computer, which will process the unpackaging and only download the actual file that is a little over 1GB. If you don’t have a computer, we guess it’s a great time to do some cleaning up.

Apple rolls out iOS 8 to…

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