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Come learn from Googlers the latest tips and tricks to get the best out of Google Hangouts.

In this last episode of The Apps Show Season 1, Debbie and John reveal a few interesting things about Google Hangouts that you probably did not know.


In the news

– New features in Google Docs for visually impaired users: step by step guides, advanced screen reader support, advanced keyboard navigation

– iOS device management with iOS Synch, available for iOS7, 8 and the new iPhone


New in Hangouts

– Make voice calls: call any phone around the world. From the US, call any phone number in the US and Canada for free. Of course a Hangout to another Hangout user are free.
– Hangouts are now under the For Work Terms of Service, so you get 99.9% uptime and 24/7 phone support.
– The Eject feature to remove someone from your Hangout: see how to get this done.
– The Draw Art feature is really helpful, to explain your creative ideas over chat.
– The Pinning…

36 Comments on Updates | Hangouts | The Apps Show

  1. I love these episodes. I am often helping people that are fresh to Google services. These videos help keep me up to date one the important info that a beginner would want to have. Thanks guys. 

  2. Besides Doctor Who, The Apps Show is the one programme I look forward to each week. Can't wait to use the drawing feature available in Hangouts!
    (And I thought /ponies was cool…)

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