Update 1.5 + Pack Opening! – Mortal Kombat X Mobile Gameplay News [V1.5] [IOS – iPad]

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Jason Voorhees Kombat Pack!
New single player bracket with seven new towers, new boss fight and the introduction of the Jin Sei Chamber. Also, a brand new Fatality coming your way.

Mortal Kombat X grants the player the ability to assemble a team of fighters in 3 V 3 Combat mode and upgrade their team by gaining experience, teaching them new special attacks, and improving their capabilities with artifacts. The game incorporates the roster of the console version of the game along with exclusive characters thats playable only in the mobile version. X-rays and fatalities have also made a return to the game but with a twist. Fatalities done in the game must be accompanied by an interactable prompt to finish it.

A new standalone featured introduced in the mobile game is option to set one of your characters as your champion. Doing this will allow other players…

44 Comments on Update 1.5 + Pack Opening! – Mortal Kombat X Mobile Gameplay News [V1.5] [IOS – iPad]

  1. I just spent 6000 souls. I bought 2000 souls 3 times for like 269 dollars! I've only gotten Slasher jason 2 times after spending so much money. I felt really unlucky after this and ripped off. I'm glad i got him though

    IMPORTANT: I saw in ur video that it cost 80 pounds which is 1050 kr (norwegian currency). In my store it was 777 kr which is about 60 pounds, translated your currency its about 180 pounds so it was cheaper for me compared to you 🙂

    Im glad i came across your video because it helps me that i was not the only one who bought so many packs with little reward. I play the game legit and i dont hack. I guees i will be saving up money now 🙂

    Btw Algee, i love your videos of mkx! keep it up man, you're one of my favorite youtubers.

  2. I got him I were lucky enough to get Jason he's hp was 1013 and the damage were 1013 and he can be arrived 2 from the death and get damage increase and start with 1 bar from the death all of he's specials and X-ray do bleeding

  3. Hey Algee!

    So I ended up using all those Souls I was originally saving for the Netherrealm Pack (which you advised me against buying, thank you!), and I got lucky and pulled a Jason on my third pack! My first two were Stunt Double Johnny Cages though so I was getting kinda worried, haha. The only thing that sucks is you can't actually buy him from the store to fuse him even after you get him from the packs, so I'd have to save up and get lucky if I want to rank up my card D:

  4. Have You Noticed that the Faction Wars clock is messed up? I THINK it's counting down when the Jason challenge / multiplayer thingy is coming, that's what happened for the Jason Kombat Pack!

  5. Algee I'm really sorry you did't get Jason.You had to open 30 times…I was lucky!The first time I opened I got Shaolin Kung Lao, and then Jason the second time I opened his pack!!! He is great!!! Comes back to life 3 times ! Hope you get yours soon, hugs, Madonnel !

  6. Algee, dang it, I feel so bad u spending over £200, 10 packs was enough bro, your just one person out of million, I'm sure thousands of people have pulled him from first pack ;)

  7. i got him,why you don't buy with the wifi off and if jason don't go out ,change your id for another(in a sing in option) and sing in again and you will have your souls again and another changr to have it

  8. wha……wha…..wha…..what the ????? Jason is coming ? i can't believe it.Even though i am android user,i am looking forward to get him.Oh and halo Algee nice job done here !!!!!!

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