UNLOCK BLACKBERRY INSTANTLY – How to unlock all Blackberry phones by Unlock code

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This is a tutorial and instructions on how you can unlock your Blackberry to free its network. After you unlock your Blackberry device, you can change to any GSM Carrier. Simply enter an unlock code to unlock it.

Music: many thanks to the talented David Choi for letting us use his instrumental, check out his page at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ILFge…

We can unlock all GSM models of Blackberry including:



Unlock all GSM carriers including:

Cingular at&t Blackberry
T-mobile USA Blackberry
Rogers Blackberry
Fido Blackberry
Vodafone Blackberry
Telus Blackberry
Bell Blackberry
Wind Blackberry


Unlocking your Blackberry has never easier and faster with Cellunlocker.net

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20 Comments on UNLOCK BLACKBERRY INSTANTLY – How to unlock all Blackberry phones by Unlock code

  1. Hi there, my code seemed to work but the blackberry still doesn't like my SIM card. I tried to follow instructions on getting my phone on GSM, but I don't seem to have a Technology option under Mobile Network Options.

  2. well after try couple times enter unlock code i start think …this is bad choice..but 3 number for unlock wroks fine..glad is working now..for how long we see,thx again and price is realy good,only 7 bucks and save me a lot truble,thx again @cellunlockernet.

  3. Wait, would this stop my service with the company I'm with now? I have sprit but I soon have to change it to metro in about a month. Should I unlock it now or wait to do it then??

  4. My Storm2 9550 is unlocked but only Voice Services and not the DATA services. I can't use Blackberry Services. What can I do?????
    It was from USA verizon….

    Kindly Help!!!

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