Universal Windows Apps vs. PC Gaming, HTC One M10 leaks, Amazon encryption

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Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney attacks Microsoft over their “monopolization” of PC gaming through Universal Windows apps; Amazon removes encryption from Fire devices; Leaks of the HTC One M10 show up on the web. Plus, Quick Bits!

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Episode Credits:
Host: Riley Murdock (+ cameo by Colin Murdock)
Writer: Riley Murdock
Editor: Barret Murdock

28 Comments on Universal Windows Apps vs. PC Gaming, HTC One M10 leaks, Amazon encryption

  1. for an upcoming video could you please explain to these poor hopeless console peasants that even if microsoft do make an up-gradable console it will still be an under powered slab, that the upgrades will be plenty but pitiful excuses of what the once was (you will be getting pc parts and old ones at best) and that it will all be just another way for microsoft to take more money out your poor dumb arse pockets than they already are i mean really what you paying monthly now nearly 8 quid a month for the right to use the internet you already payed for COME ON YOU GOT TO BE SMARTER THAN THAT or do you just like being ripped off?

  2. Just leave it alone. As a PC User I don't want to have to use the Windows Store just to play a game with somebody that's on Console. Now if they could do this without the UWA then yeah but Microsoft as of lately has just been kinda shady IMO. It's like Windows Updates now. They're still trying to push Windows 10 on people that haven't upgraded yet with updates. Now I've had to look at every single update that comes out on Tuesday and do a search to see what this update really is.

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