Unboxing Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro Review

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First Unboxing Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro Review And Hands On. 128GB MIUI 7 Based Android M 6.0. 16MP Camera 4 – Axis (OIS)

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  1. Where is our pro ceramic version Mr.Bara???? You took our money on pre-orders and now you are sending mails to change our selection for a glass version with same money? Shame on you. If you have overestimate yourselves about your production ability, the least you could do is to refound us. Don't keep our money if you're not capable to product the ceramic version, and of course don't act sly to turn us for another version just to keep selling. Personally if the ceramic version will not be in stock until 5/30 I will ask for total refund + the lost interest for keeping my money 3 months now.

  2. Hello i'm willing to buy a mi5 and i wanted to know if the will be an international version? Also i'm i going to lose the Google play  services if i update the phone? And finally is There any restrictions of use if i don't flash the rom and use the phone outside of China? I hope you Will answer me, thank you very much.

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