Unboxing the HTC 10

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HTC’s 2016 flagship is here with a beautiful body and powerful brains. Wonder what’s in the box? Our Justin Herrick unboxes the HTC 10 and shows off its stunning design.

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21 Comments on Unboxing the HTC 10

  1. Got the phone yesterday. No complaints. Working good so far. Complaints about the camera, well I don't know. If you want a professional one, go ahead and buy a camera. Complaints about the slow fingerprint slowness is pure Bullshit. Also tested the sound on my Sennheiser ear clocks, good..very good sound. Fast. definitely. Happy.

  2. your unboxing is incomplete sir, you didn't show us the headphones, which I was eager to see. Secondly, you sould atleast turn the phone on so we can see how the screen looks and other stuffs. Thanks

  3. is it possible to switch 'recent apps' style to tiles? It was MUCH
    better before on older sense! I have M8. When you see all nine apps in
    one window and you just pick any with just ONE touch of a finger, it is
    so much better people! And can you switch back to on-screen buttons? I
    love on screen buttons! C'mon!!

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