Uber After 1000 Rides, Pay, Secrets & App (Tips & Tricks)

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CORRECTION: you can write off you mileage or expences (not both)

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Here are a few things I have found useful after doing over 1000 rides.

G1W Dash Cam (BEST DASHCAM Under $50)

Infini Apps AirMount

Infini Apps DuoMount

Infini Apps DouBBleTime…

33 Comments on Uber After 1000 Rides, Pay, Secrets & App (Tips & Tricks)

  1. I started a week ago. I'm from a hot climate (108 degrees this weekend) and have to keep my AC running so I drive between stops. Do you recommend routing through residential side streets or commercial main streets or freeways when between fares? It seems like uber does things by time to reach so Freeway would seem to cover a larger area because you're traveling at high speeds. WDYT?

  2. First of all, 20 seconds of watching and listening to this sleazy idiot is enough to make me avoid uber forever. Do these retards not realise that they are just lazy, stupid failures with a driving licence???? Why would any sane individual even consider sharing the same space as the imbecile shown here ? NO FUCKING THANKS!!!!

  3. Great info, starting today and ready to roll… I'm a native of Charlotte NC ~ The Queen City and used to dispatch. Uber on… Great you get to spend time with your kids as they grow up so quickly?

  4. Of course they should tip. We don't get paid well. We are in a service industry where people should tip, just like taxi drivers. No Tip = No Five Stars. I don't give them a bad rating but they don't deserve five stars. The best customers tip and they deserve the five stars only!

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