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CES 2016 was proof that a lot of companies are out to build wearables that do fitness to a certain degree. Some of these are good enough to solve some needs, but the fact of the matter is that most are still experimenting. Serious fitness requires a little more of the things that are proven to already work, and never have we seem a more holistic approach to fitness than with the Under Armour HealthBox, made by HTC.

See, most trackers can do a decent job at being just that,.. Trackers.. But if you’re the type that is either starting out or is already invested in the fitness life style, you know you’ll need a los more than just a step counter. The UA HealthBox is actually three products, and once you get to know how they blend together, you’ll understand why it’s worth considering.

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  1. 180 lbs at 27%? Damn… good luck Jaime, that was me around this time last year. Only way you're going to get your body fat percentage down is a lot of hard work in terms of eating. To even say that fitness is half the battle is an overstatement.

  2. Thank you for the review Jaime. I've been doing to know whether it's worth the investment. You've convinced me it us. Would you mind sharing with me what your plan is for reducing body fat? I seem to be in the same ballpark as you.

  3. Jaime, Are you going to utilize a smart watch more for notification and a fit tracker like UA for accurate fitness tracking. Or are you still trying to find the device fits all method that most of are trying to do? Cough cough fail Android wear & Apple Watch.

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