Twitter wants to look like Snapchat and comes with stickers

Twitter wants to look like Snapchat and comes with stickers

In an attempt to reach a wider audience, Twitter today introduced stickers that can be stuck on top of a photo. The struggling network is trying in this way to brighten up the timeline of users.

There are hundreds of stickers available on various themes, so you can, for example, emphasize the mood or can make a boring photo into something interesting. Twitter also thinks the sticker function comes in handy when you want to emphasize your support for a given action or charity. You can use multiple stickers on a picture and you can also enlarge and rotate them to fit exactly.

The stickers are also linked with a hashtag, which should increase the findability. By selecting a sticker, users get all the pictures where the sticker is used.

Twitter has the idea in all likelihood copying Snapchat. The secret chat and photo service are popular for all the stickers and filters that can stick around its user’s photos. It is quite possible that the new feature will improve Twitter’s user experience.

Whether it will really make a difference for Twitter as a whole is the question. However, more and more people have the hope that Twitter will grow again. The network is no longer exciting and often uninteresting.

According to Bloomberg, Snapchat’s terms of daily users is now bigger than Twitter. Instagram, which overtook Twitter last year, breaking last week to announce that it has more than half a billion monthly users, whereas, Twitter has about 320 million.

The stickers will soon be available to users of the official Twitter apps on iOS and Android, and also on


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