Total Wireless $35 5gb lte Iphone 6s review 2016

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A review of Total Wireless’ 5gb lte plan with unlimited talk and text

9 Comments on Total Wireless $35 5gb lte Iphone 6s review 2016

  1. Hey, everytime I try to check my eligibility it says your zip code isn't eligible but I live in the most popular city in the us! I live in NYC and it gives me that error. Do you know anything about this? Also does it have visual voicemail?

  2. When you typed in the IMEI into the website, did it work? I have an iPhone 6 and tried to do it and it wouldn't work. I was gonna try and just buy the sim kit to use and see if that worked. How did you get your data to work after 2 days?

  3. Awesome review bro. My mom is almost paying $250 a month for four of us to share 10gb on Verizon. I think the hit to data speed is well worth the cost. The data speed seemed plenty fast on your iPhone. Right now on Verizon I'm getting 20mb down 2mb up. But for $110 for four of us who cares?!

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