Top iOS 9.3 Beta Features!

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iOS 9.3 beta was released today, and here are all the new features.

37 Comments on Top iOS 9.3 Beta Features!

  1. I want to see new options like:
    -lock messages
    -lock photos (individual or photo albums)
    -lock mails
    -3d touch for safari (erase all history option)
    …btw nice channel for iphone rumors!

  2. Yes! Finally a password protected note – I've been waiting for this since the beginning of the iPhone. That feature should of been on the iPhone ever since the Touch ID was created.

  3. Can I ask you how big the salt lamp is? is it a 6kilo or 10 kilo? how many pound is it? 🙂 I'm asking since there are different sizes and they are displayed in weight…

  4. Favorite update: night view
    What I want from the next update: Hillary Clinton is a criminal, stop the partisan BS, Repubs and Dems are all the same. Oh, and I think iOS desperately needs the floating video screen ability on the iPhone 6s as well!

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