TOP 5 “Zombies Tips/Tricks” in Call of Duty ZOMBIES – Black Ops, BO2, WaW

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A serious top 5! In this episode, we take a look at the Top 5 Zombies tips and tricks that a player could get! I hope you enjoyed, if you did, leave a like and subscribe if you haven’t already!
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31 Comments on TOP 5 “Zombies Tips/Tricks” in Call of Duty ZOMBIES – Black Ops, BO2, WaW

  1. I'm a bad zombies player (my highest round on town was 23 solo). I recently bought mob of the dead thinking it would be easier. can somebody give me some tips for mob of the dead?

  2. #5 if you pack a punch your Gun untill its out of ammo some times you can't PaP untill high rounds because you can get max ammos constantly retard and if you don't feel safe you may want to Pap

  3. The only time I 'break' number 5 is when I go for Mustang and Sally, due to the fact that they don't have much ammo. Also, I do 8 to the leg and a knife on round 1.

  4. With number 4 I don't do that purely because it takes the fun out of the game I used to play and have to have everything done by every specific round but now I have more fun and relax

  5. If you get screwed on round 20 and you wont make it, you can at keadt try by buying a cheap gun off the wall and fetting ammo, if it works then pack-a-punch that gun (saying you ran out of ammo to begin with)

  6. Never understood why people do the shoot them on round one, I don't leave till like 3-5 so I'll be out of pistol ammo any way, plus it makes it easier to kill them on 2,3,4 if you put a clip into them them knife so why make it harder by making yourself knife more

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