Top 5 Xperia Z1 Features

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These are the most impressive features that I found on the Xperia Z1. This is my first sony smartphone so gave my thoughts on it.

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Features :
Build & IP58 Certified
20.7 MP Camera
Small Apps
Xperia UI Customizations & Sony Apps
Video Experience – X4 Video player / X – reality engine

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35 Comments on Top 5 Xperia Z1 Features

  1. Really smart Aqrabb. You said that the Xperia Z1 is a terrible phone without justification. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but I'm sorry to say that your opinion is wrong. PS Just wanted to point out that it is water-resistand and not waterproof. PPS I'm not sorry that I'm sharing this publicly.

  2. There are no Features in this phone except it is a total failure of sony.  Sony are totally out of innovation.  They can't even make a descent phone.. All Their phones are total garbage..  I had this phone and is a totally fucked up phone..

  3. is there no inbuilt feature to block calls from particular contact? as they do have in other smart phones… m surprised about it not having one… i cant find it on my ph… so is there any feature through which i can block calls (without using third party apps) ????????

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