Top 5 Upcoming Phones for 2016!

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These are my top 5 upcoming phones for 2016!
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(U.S. and iPhone only. Android coming soon)

The List:
5. LG G5
4. iPhone 7
3. Asus Zen Phone 3
2. One Plus Three
1. HTC one M10

28 Comments on Top 5 Upcoming Phones for 2016!

  1. the one plus 2 and 1 are literal trash and have screwed over customers since day 1 and didn't even get rid of the invitation system the second time around. and they were late about it too considering you can already get a flagship one used for a better price and with NFC and wireless charging something they actually could have included instead of coming up with BULLSHIT excuses

  2. what the fuck are you talking about. China has already had 6GB 8GB and 4GB RAM phones since 2015. late 2015 and yet the united states hasn't and European countries already have 6GB ram phone for some months now

  3. Good thing about these phones are they are in constant innovation, So fast that every time I want to buy one, I come to suspecting that there will be better one after a month (which actually happens) So it pushes me to wait to buy later. 3 years have passed I don't have smart phone yet. lol

  4. I loved my HTC one, but this HTC one M8 is a PITA. it freezes a lot now (2yrs old) and I have to restart it some times 3-4 times a day. suckscuz I really like the phone and how its set up but every update it seems to get worse

  5. What – No Alcatel 4S??! Hmm. .. Sad. Because that is going to be my next phone. 5.5 amoled display. FRONT FACING STEREO speakers. 3.6 watts JBL speakers. A good snappy camera and, wait – a Booooom button. (!)

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