Top 5 tips, hints, and tricks for Flappy Bird

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49 Comments on Top 5 tips, hints, and tricks for Flappy Bird

  1. I got 238 on flappy bird 🙂 Here are my tips
    1. Dont over think, just chill and tap the screen
    2. Focus on the lower part of the pipes, most of the deaths occur when your bird hits the top pipe.
    3. Put your volume up, the woosh woosh and DINGG helps you keep focused.
    4. Lower you brightness, when I play blinking in a rough time will get you killed so blinking less by having dimmer screen helps.
    5. Lastly do it in a quiet room w/o distractions if you really want to get a highscore.

    Doing at night, well for me helps get higher scores, im not sure but it just works lol… HAVE FUN!

  2. Heres my tips.. once you do it you will have bragging rights… application folder/hold on flappy bird app till it wiggles or you can drag it around/drag or hit the x button and remove it.. easy as that.. like if I helped you.. must be a slow day at android central lol

  3. The game is DEAD!!! If this is a joke, it's in pretty poor taste. And how can you be giving us tips with a high score of 16? Even mine is 40,and that's not that great at all. 

  4. I find it very easy on my Nexus 7. I guess all the dislikes is because people are used to seeing videos of people destroying their phones due to the game instead of giving actual tips for it.

  5. Sorry but your record is 16 and you want to teach me? I'm a girl and my record is 34. I know it isn't good but you have 16 and you want to teach me?

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